What ROLEcould you play in REACHING MEN?

Why Men?

We have a global crisis of masculinity. A recent analysis of social trends portrays “the collapse of male responsibility, leadership and expectations…the disappearance of manhood.” Men don’t know how to be men. The world offers confusing contradictions: the politically correct emasculated male – too intimidated to lead – versus the playboy bent on conquest and infidelity.

Is there a better way? Yes! The Church has the answer. Rather than watching our young men try to decipher culture’s confusing contradictions, we need to offer life-on-life coaching. Training men to be unabashed strong, holy, humble, prayerful leaders. The Church must boldly reach out to men and communicate in word, activities and in an environment that men don’t have to leave healthy masculinity outside the church. Imagine a world in which men stood up and…

  • loved their wives boldly and sacrificially,
  • gave clear patient guidance to their children,
  • worked with integrity, and
  • provided a sense of stability in their communities.

And this applies even beyond the current generation: Kids follow Dad. Statistics confirm that when Dad leads and engages, children stay in the Church. When Dad abdicates his role as spiritual leader his kids bail out, too.

The stakes are too high for the Church to continue business as usual. The Church can raise this kind of men. But it doesn’t happen by default. We must be intentional in teaching and modeling biblical manhood. Strong godly men bring blessing to their wives, their families, their communities, and the Church.

Men of Valor strives to refocus the church, to help men understand their God-given mission and role in His Kingdom, and to reach and build men. Through conferences, retreats and strategy sessions, this biblical teaching advances discipleship and the development of church, home and community leaders.