What ROLEcould you play in REACHING MEN?

What we do

Men of Valor conducts conferences to kick-start men’s outreach and ministry. These events are usually attended first just by pastors and church leaders because they are curious — they’ve never attended a men’s conference and they don’t know what we will teach. It has not been uncommon to hear before the end of the third session, “I wish I would have invited my men!” The length of the conference is determined by the host pastor or team and have gone from two to five days.

Our teaching teams consist of one to three Godly, proven men from various churches who are experienced teachers and men’s ministry leaders. We provide booklets for notes, pens, teaching aides and, when possible, books to assist with the launch of men’s discipleship groups.

In our Men of Valor conferences we first teach men that God sees them as men of valor. This is truth, not positive thinking. It is all over the Bible – when a man accepts Jesus as his Lord, he becomes a mighty man of valor. Men have a high calling!

Second, we show men why they are important to God.  Why God wants men to exercise positive influence and impact in his church, home and community through responsible, accountable, Godly manhood.  Men cause outcomes – good and bad. Let’s see how we can encourage good outcomes.

Third, we explain to them how to live as men of valor: how to walk faithfully with their God as strong, holy, humble prayerful men d;. about the five roles of a Husband of Valor – a leader, protector, provider, teacher and friend;.about being Fathers of Valor, rejecting passivity and taking initiative, accepting responsibility, assessing the condition of their flock and preparing their children to face life’s dangers and opportunities.

We also teach men about leading and serving in the church and how they fit in God’s plan. We challenge them that if they really want to stand strong in the battles of life, they must stand — and fight — together. No man can live the Christian life alone.

Finally, we teach a man to consider his legacy andhow he wants to be remembered after he’s gone.  Some men are remembered for hundreds of years. Sometimes their words are inscribed in stone. We ask, “What will people remember about you? What will they remember about the men in your church?”

Men of Valor has a core set of topics that we feel are vital to convey to pastors, church leaders and laymen. The topics can be found by clicking here. These topics can be covered in about 2 days or equivalent. Additional topics for up to a 3rd day of teaching are also available.