What ROLEcould you play in REACHING MEN?

What is MOV

In the United States, a man who is serious about his walk in Christ has the opportunity to join up with other Godly men to connect and build friendships, grow and improve in life and godliness, and make a difference through service in his Kingdom. Not so elsewhere.

When Brad was in India in February 2004 for a ministry-strategy session with local pastors, his question about Indian men’s ministry resulted in a blank stare: India’s churches, like so many in the world, are suffering from a lack of men. Even more, the churches don’t know what to do about it.

Men of Valor launched that November when one of the pastors invited Brad back to India to speak to forty pastors in the northeastern state of Assam about reaching men. The response was astonishing: Church and denomination leaders said they had not heard anything like this before. In a region where Christianity has grown for some 100 years, they had never heard of a men’s conference.

Leaders took the detailed messages and repeated them to other pastors, and even created a Bible college course with them. One pastor said, “I didn’t know the biblical definition of a man until you came.” Subsequent conferences in Zambia, Tanzania, Portugal, Japan, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Haiti, Paraguay, Burundi and others have confirmed the validity and applicability of the message.

Now, after conducting conferences in fourteen countries to more than 1,500 pastors, church leaders and men from some 640 churches, the Lord has made it clear that these messages and this ministry crosses cultures with impact. It resonates in the hearts of bishops, pastors, elders and laymen. Men are coming to Christ, pastors are reconciling with men who had walked away, churched men are reaching out to husbands of church-going wives, a “pool-table ministry” is reaching unbelieving men, churches are organizing their men into small groups to launch men’s discipleship, bishops are committing to leading their men to become the next generation of elders, families are returning to the church, churches are growing, community men’s ministries are starting, and MOV materials are being used in Bible schools, and more…

The messages, mission, and methods of Men of Valor are changing the international church, giving the men the opportunities they need.

When you change the man, you change his family, you change his church, you change his society. That is the mission of Men of Valor.