What ROLEcould you play in REACHING MEN?


The conference has made me aware of my wrongdoings. It has made me to grow in love for Christ and it has transformed my life. It has also taught me how to be with my Christian fellow men. I pray that God continues to change my life. I am asking for special prayers to strengthen my faith. Amen.

Momodu J. Conteh WCSL (Sierra Leone Conf 2018)

1. To have the fear of the Lord in serving Him
2. To connect/network with other men that are in my community
3. To live a legacy of love

John S.S. Marah, EPC Mapainda (Sierra Leone Conf 2018)

As a visually impaired person, God says I am a man of valor and that I can win more souls.

John Sesay, Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone
(Sierra Leone Conf 2018)

1. God strengthened my faith to serve as a missionary for life
2. I am encouraged that God is with me wherever I go
3. I have realized my status as a man of valor

Rev. Edward Bob Charles (Sierra Leone Conf 2018)

1. God says to me that I should take up my responsibility as the man in the home
2. I should stand up to be a great leader in the church
3. I should leave all sinful acts in my life
4. I have to put God first in my life
5. I should not be afraid because God is with me
6. I must be able to teach another man

Mark B. Kargbo, Evangelical Presbyterian Church (Kabala)
(Sierra Leone Conf 2018)

1. God said he is with me, I should not be terrified
2. I am a great mighty man of God
3. I should be a man of valor, i.e. who is full of strength, love, and passion and stands firm in the Lord 4. I am a man with priority and position in the family, church, and community
5. I am a warrior for the Lord 6. God said I am a role model in community, church and family

Foray Koroma, United Methodist (Sierra Leone Conf 2018)

God says to me that I should pass on the words of God in our community. So I am ready to do that, so that our church will grow more and more. Furthermore, I learned about so many words of God that I had never understood.

Alusine Kamara, Fintonia (Sierra Leone Conf 2018)

I love Jesus until my death. I will accept the advice to love my children and my wife until God takes my life.

A. Kamana, EPC Mapainda (Sierra Leone Conf 2018)

God has shown me the value of men of valor, how important in the progression of any church. God has spoken to me about the way I should handle my wife and children that will please Him.

Oliver T. Jimisa, EPC Fintonia (Sierra Leone Conf 2018)

This conference has really impacted my life. From now on I want to be a changed man. Honestly, I have preached for over 40 years. But I have come to realize in this conference that I still need to grow in spirit and in the way I must relate myself with my wife. I am 71 this year.

Rev. Mamburu B. Jalloh, Christian Reformed Church
(Sierra Leone Conf 2018)

God is with me, so I will never be afraid of the devil. God is telling me to talk to other men – to let them know their responsibilities in the church, home, and the environments they find themselves in. God will help me and other men to overcome the challenges of life through Jesus Christ. God will help me to look ahead.

Rev. Winston Y. Sesay, Zion Baptist Church
(Sierra Leone Conf 2018)

The Spirit of God has come in my mind and I have decided to change. This conference has really been interesting and through the power of God, I will do what the Word of God says. Secondly, I am really blessed with the Word of God. Since I started attending conferences, I have never seen a wonderful conference like this.

A. Conteh, Baptist Kabala (NBC) (Sierra Leone Conf 2018)

I was not a frequent churchgoer. But after this conference I have become:
– A frequent churchgoer
– Great believer of God
– Think about God all the time
– I will pray every day, every morning
– Encourage all family members to attend church

Kelleh K. Mansaray, New Harvest Global Ministries
(Sierra Leone Conf 2018)

The Door Christian Fellowship
– God told me I am a real man
– God told me he has called me for a purpose
– God told me that through him I can make an impact in my wife’s life, my children’s lives, my workplace and community – God told me that I must not be lazy but find some work to do – God told me that I should love, have compassion, and help people
– Gold told me I should have a friend as a brother

Pastor Cecil G. Huggins (Sierra Leone Conf 2018)