What ROLEcould you play in REACHING MEN?


“Brad Smith has put his finger on a major problem in the world culture as it relates to manhood. More than that, he is offering a credible solution.”

Dr. Ron Jones, Something Good Radio, Washington D. C.

“Brad Smith is doing something unique – teaching and speaking to pastors, church leaders and men overseas about biblical manhood. The masculine crisis is worldwide. Brad and Men of Valor are encouraging and equipping these men to assume their God-given roles as leaders, providers and protectors in their marriages, families and churches.”

Dave Brown, President of Washington Area Coalition of Men’s Ministries

“Brad Smith is a personal friend of mine and his work with Men of Valor is one of the most strategically needed focuses today to get at the root of the church’s and society’s problems. God has called Brad to help us rebuild on His original foundations. The enthusiastic response to Brad’s ministry and message is evidence enough that God has inspired it and is blessing it richly when it is embraced.”

Gary Thomas, Author of “Sacred Marriage” and “A Lifelong Love”