What ROLEcould you play in REACHING MEN?


Men only account for 10-25% of church congregations in much of the world.

And it is not surprising when you consider that most of these churches offer little to no focused outreach, teaching, or activities for men. Church male leadership is vanishing, and women are having to fill the gap. Across the globe, there is a desperate need for men to lead their churches, families, and communities and to understand that they are MEN OF VALOR.

We partner with local church leaders around the world to reach their men.

Our MOV conferences, retreats, resources, and strategies help men discover that God sees them as MEN OF VALOR. We teach them why they are important to God and how to exercise a positive influence and impact through responsible, accountable, Godly manhood.

In addition, these events train men to LIVE as MEN OF VALOR; to walk faithfully with their God, as strong, holy, humble, prayerful men of God. We explore their roles as a husband, father, and member of a church and community. We urge them to stand together in order to live a successful Christian life. Plus, we challenge them to consider their legacies – what impact they will have and how they want to be remembered.

And finally, we work with pastors and church leaders to help them reach a a keep men in the church.